Friday, May 5, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 5/8

Detention: Dawn Beans, rm. 121

Monday (5/8)
     *Fire drill 9:57 a.m.
     *BG Cozad Invite, 9:30 am.
     *Hayrack Athletic Banquet, 6:30 pm.
     *A. Rossell out, J Terry sub
     *K. Vincent out, A Dean sub

Tuesday (5/9)
      *Seniors at Camp Comeca
     *Honors Convocation, 7:00 pm
     *A. Ogden out, B. Hansen sub
     *C Tvrdy out, T. Marx sub  

Wednesday (5/10)
     *Senior Tea during English periods, Library
     *Seniors last full day, graduation practice last period
     *M Hartman out (pm), T Hansen sub
     *L Morris out (pm), B Klimek sub
     *A Ogden out (pm), J Terry sub
     *A Rossell out (pm), A Dean sub
     *D Beans out , T Marx sub
     *B Carver out

Thursday (5/11)
     *Sr.-Faculty breakfast, 7:45 am.
     *Graduation practice, 1st period with band and choir
     *BG @ Ogallala Invite, 9:00 am.
     *TR @ B-6 District, Ogallala
     *B Cargill out, B Klimek sub
     *L Morris out, C Miller sub
     *B Pinkelman out, T Marx sub
     *J Young out, M Nutt sub

Friday (5/12)
     *B Pinkelman out, K Wilcher sub
     *N Sims out

Saturday (5/13)
     *Commencement, 4:00 pm. Gymnasium
     *Staff planning on attending Commencement, let me know by Wednesday if you will be attending, and plan on meeting in the HS office at 3:30 pm on Saturday
     *Senior grades due on May 10th