Friday, October 27, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 10/30
"Stronger Together"

Monday (10/30)
     *VB @ C1-11 sub-districts, North Platte,  5:00 pm. v. Hershey; 8:00 pm. v. Ogallala

Tuesday (10/31)
     *VB @ C1-11 sub-districts, North Platte, 7:00 pm.

Wednesday (11/1)
     *NHS meeting, 7:30 am.
     *PK-12 early dismissal 2:00 pm.
     *Staff Marzano training, DQ 1, 2:15 pm. HS Library

Thursday (11/2)
     *Fire drill 11:25 am.
     *NHS induction/CCSA awards, 6:00 pm., auditorium
     *J Kloepping out, T. Hansen sub

Friday (11/3)
     *One Act @ Loup City Festival
     *N Auwerda out, T Hansen sub
     *D Beans out, M Nutt sub
     *W Blackmore out, B Hansen sub
     *K Vincent out, C Miller sub

Saturday (11/4)
     *One Act @ Gothenburg
     *I will be out of the district the afternoon of 11/1, and all day on  11/2, and 11/3. If you need a sub. for either Thursday or Friday, call Jessica (402) 740-7668 before 9:00 pm. or between 6:00 - 6:30 am.
     *Daylight Savings time ends on 11/5, remember that clocks "fall back".

Thursday, October 19, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 10/23
"Stronger Together"

Monday (10/23)
     *Red Ribbon Week
     *G Skiles out, T Hansen sub
     *W Blackmore out, M Nutt sub
     *B Pinkelman out, J Terry sub

Tuesday (10/24)
     *Red Ribbon Week - "Red Day"
     *Tech Tuesday, 3:30 pm., HS Library, Topic: Actively Learn
     *VB @ Lexington, 5:00/6:00/7:00 pm

Wednesday (10/25)
     *Red Ribbon Week - "Sock it to Drugs"
                                     - Red Ribbon Week Speaker, HS Gymnasium, 10:00 am.
     *K Klein out (pm), M Nutt sub
     *A Rossell out (pm), B Hansen sub
     *C Tvrdy out (pm), A Dean sub
     *M Hartman out (pm), J Terry sub
     *T Osborn out (pm)
     *T Sansone-Wilcox out, B Klimek sub
     *W Blackmore out, T Hansen sub

Thursday (10/26)
     *Red Ribbon Week - "Too Bright for Drugs"
     *VB @ Gothenburg 5:00/6:00/7:00 pm.
     *K  Vincent out (pm), B Klimek sub

Friday (10/21)
     *Red Ribbon Week - "Team Up Against Drugs"

Saturday (10/28)
     *For the Red Ribbon Assembly in the gym, HS students will sit on the west half of the north bleachers.  Teachers please disperse among the student body to assist with supervision.

Friday, October 13, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 10/16
"Stronger Together"

Monday (10/16)
     *Board of Education meeting, 7:00 pm.

Tuesday (10/17)
     *VB v. Hastings, 5:00/6:00/7:00 pm.
     *A Ogden out, S Mackowski sub

Wednesday (10/18)
     *Student Council meeting 7:45 am
     *PK-12 early dismissal 2:00 pm, all staff will meet in auditorium for Suicide Prevention Training at 2;15 pm
     *G Skiles out, A Dean sub
     *D Beans out, C Miller sub
     *L Johnson out, T Hansen sub
     *A Ogden out, M Nutt sub
     *M Irvine out, B Hansen sub
     *N Auwerda out, R Whiting sub

Thursday (10/19)
     *Parent - Teacher Conference, 8:00 - 8:00 pm

Friday (10/20)
     *No school
     *State CC Meet, Kearney
     *FB @ Gordon-Rushville, 7:00 pm. (CST)

Saturday (10/21)
     *VB @SWC, Valentine
     *Band @ NASB State Marching, Kearney
     *Conferences will be held in your classrooms, the office will provide lunch and supper on Thursday.

Friday, October 6, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 10/9
"Stronger Together"

Monday (10/9)
     *GG @ State Class C Golf Meet @ Lake Maloney Golf Course, North Platte
     *T Osborn out, T. Hansen sub
     *K Klein out

Tuesday (10/10)
     *GG @ State Class C Golf Meet @ Lake Maloney Golf Course, North Platte
     *VB @ Minden, 5:00/6:00/7:00 pm., dismissal 2:15 pm.
     *T Osborn out, T Hansen sub
     *K Klein out

Wednesday (10/11)
     *Tri-M meeting, 7:30 am.
     *N Auwerda out (am), M Nutt sub
     *L Johnson out, K Wilcher sub
     *A Ogden out, S Mackowski sub
     *L Morris out (pm), M Nutt sub
     *J Kloepping out (pm), A Dean sub
     *K Ross out (pm), B Klimek sub
     *T Osborn out (pm), B Hansen sub

Thursday (10/12)
     *CC @ C-4 district, Ogallala
     *N Auwerda out, C Miller sub
     *L Morris out, A Dean sub

Friday (10/13)
     *End 1st quarter
     *FB v. Broken Bow, 7:00 pm.
     *K Klein out (pm)

Saturday (10/14)
     *VB @ Valentine Invite, 10:30 am
     *Band @ Minden Band Festival
     *The first quarter will end on October 13, have grade books updated so grades can be stored and report cards printed by 9:00 am.  on October 16.