Friday, April 26, 2019

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/29
"Attitude Determines Altitude"

Monday (4/29)
    *JVBG, Cozad Invite, 2:00 pm.
    *Fine Arts Night, 7:00 pm.
    *T. Osborn out, T. Hansen sub
    *C. Tvrdy out, A. Dean sub

Tuesday (4/30)
     *JVTR@ North Platte, 9:00 am.
     *BG v. Minden, 2:00 pm.
     *J. Brummer out, L. Linke sub
     *R. Bubak out, C. Miller sub
     *B. Cargill out, T. Hansen sub
     *B. Pinkelman out, L. Kitterer sub
     *T. Osborn out, N. Niles sub

Wednesday (5/1)
     *NHS meeting, 7:30 am.
     *Cozad Cares
     *PK-12 Early dismissal 2:00 pm.
     *Sr. Farewell BBQ reception w/ staff, 5:00 pm.
Thursday (5/2)
     *Fire drill 9:57 am.
     *Pen Pal Picnic, 11:00 - 1:00 pm.
     *D. Hammerlun out, T. Hansen sub

Friday (5/3)
     *BG SWC - Cozad, 11:00 am.
     *TR - Cozad Invite, 4:00 pm.

Saturday (5/4)

     *Staff, don't forget to attend the Sr. BBQ on Wednesday if possible, it is an opportunity to share with the graduating seniors.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/22
"Attitude Determines Altitude"

Monday (4/22)
    *No school

Tuesday (4/23)
     *NWEA/MAP testing
              Test Schedule
              Per. 1 & 2 Language Arts test
              Break in commons
              Per. 3 & 4 Math test

              Regular classes beginning with Period 5A or 1st Lunch at the conclusion of testing.
     *BG @ Holdrege, 9:00 am.
     *JVTR @ McCook Invite, 1:00 pm., dismissal 10:15 am.
     *B. Cargill out, A. Dean sub

Wednesday (4/24)
     *NWEA/MAP testing
          Test Schedule
Per. 1 & 2 Reading Test
Per. 3 & 4 Science Test

Morning classes will meet as follows:
Per. 1 (11:34 - 12:22) - this will be 2nd lunch students in class.
     1st Lunch (11:31 -12:01)  These teachers and their first period students will eat during 1st lunch. Teachers: West hall (Ag sub, Klein, Sims, Hammerlun, Rossell, Bubak, Nutt, Tvrdy) plus Osborn, Johnson, Brummer, Auwerda, Irvine, Cargill

Per. 1 (12:04 - 12:52) These should be 1st lunch students in class
     2nd lunch (12:22 - 12:52)  These teachers and their first period students will eat during 2nd lunch. Teachers: East hall (Beans, Skiles, Sansone-Wilcox, W. Blackmore, Kloepping, Hartman) plus Messner, S. Blackmore, Botts, Vincent, Pinkelman, Hird.

Per. 2 (12;55 - 1:43)
Per. 3 (1:46 - 2:34)
Per. 4 (2:37 - 3:25)
     *D. Beans out, A. Dean sub
     *M. Messner out, L. Kitterer sub
Thursday (4/25)
     *BG @Dawson Co. 2:00 pm.
     *L. Johnson out, A. Dean sub

Friday (4/26)
     *JVBG @ Overton Invite, 9:00 am.
     *BG @ Broken Bow Invite, 9:30 am.
     *N. Sims out, L. Kitterer sub

Saturday (4/27)
     *TR @ SWC Track meet, Cozad, 11:00 am.


Friday, April 5, 2019

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/8
"Attitude Determines Altitude"

Monday (4/8)
     *FCCLA State Conference, Lincoln
     *JVBG @ Minden Invite, 1:00 pm., dismissal 10:30 am.
     *Board of Education meeting, 7:00 pm.
     *M. Irvin out, A. Dean sub
     *K. Klein out, N. Niles sub
     *K. Vincent out, Dahlgren sub
     *T. Osborn out

Tuesday (4/9)
     *FCCLA State Conference, Lincoln
     *BG @ Lexington Invite, 9:30 am.
     *District Music Home Concert
     *D. Beans out, G. Brownfield sub
     *M. Irvin out, L. Grabenstein sub
     *K. Klein out, T. Hansen sub
     *R. Kraeger out, A. Dean sub
     *A. Rossell out, N. Niles sub

Wednesday (4/10)
     *D. Beans sub, A. Dean sub
     *N. Auwerda sub, J. Terry sub
     *A. Rossell out, T. Hansen sub

Thursday (4/11)
     *State Skills USA
     *TR @ Gothenburg Intive, 2:30 pm., dismissal 1:00 pm.
     *D. Beans out, J. Terry sub
     *T. Osborn out, Dahlgren sub
     *L. Johnson out, A. Dean sub
     *T. Botts out (pm), L. Grabenstein sub
     *J. Brummer out (pm), T. Hansen sub
     *R. Bubak out (pm), C. Miller sub
     *B. Pinkelman out (pm), L. Kitterer sub

Friday (4/12)
     *State Skills USA
      *District Music Contest
     *D. Beans out, J. Terry sub
    *J. Kloepping out, Dahlgren sub
     *T. Osborn out, C. Miller sub
     *S. Blackmore out, T. Hansen sub

Saturday (4/13)
     *State Skills USA

     *I will be out of the district Thursday afternoon and Friday