Friday, October 16, 2015

High School Weekly Activities, week of 10/19

"The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead."

Detention: Jann Kloepping, rm. 126

Monday (10/19)
     *Parent-Teacher conference 8:00 am. - 6:00 pm.
     *Board of Education meeting, 7:00 pm.

Tuesday (10/20)
     *VB v. Hastings, 5:006:00/7:00 pm.

Wednesday (10/21)
     *Student Council meeting, 7:45 am.

Thursday (10/22)
     *FB @ O'Neill, 7:00 pm., dismissal 1;10 pm.
     *State send off for CC girls team during homeroom.

Friday (10/23)
     *No school
     *CC @ State, UNK
     *VB @ SWC Tournament, Minden, 11:00 am.

Saturday (10/24)

     *P-T conferences will be held in your classroom.
     *Please take time to complete the Suicide Training required by the state, please turn in certificate to the office by 10/31.
     *Article of interest  "What if K-12 Education Were More Like Preschool?" Link:

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