Friday, March 31, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/3

Detention: Chris Tvrdy, rm. 107

Monday (4/3)
     *T. Groteluschen out, T. Hansen sub
     *A. Rossell out, J. Terry sub

Tuesday (4/4)
     *JVTR@Minden Invite, 4:00 pm., dismissal 1:30 pm.
     *Pep Club banquet, 6:30 pm.
     *T. Groteluschen out, T. Hansen sub
     *T. Osborn out, B. Klimek sub
     *T. Munter out, C. Miller sub
     *B. Pinkelman out (pm)

Wednesday (4/5)
     *NHS meeting, 7:30 am.
     *Kevin Honeycutt speaking to student body in the auditorium.
               - MS students 8:30 - 9:30 am.
               - HS students 10:00 - 11:00 am.
               - Ele. students 1:00 - 2:00 pm
     *Early dismissal 2:30 pm.
               -Kevin Honeycutt presentation to district teaching staff in the auditorium
     *T. Osborn out, B. Klimek sub
     *J. Kloepping out, B. Hansen sub
     *K. Vincent out,  J. Terry sub

Thursday (4/6)
     *FBLA State Leadership Conference
     *T. Osborn out, B. Klimek sub
     *C. Tvrdy out (pm.)

Friday (4/7)
     *FBLA State Leadership Conference
     *JVBG @ South Loup Invite, 9:00 am.
     *VBG @ Kearney Invite, 9:00 am.
     *TR @ Broken Bow Invite, 2:30 pm., dismisal 12:15 pm.
     *T. Osborn out, B. Klimek sub
     *B. Carver out, L. Linke sub
     *B. Cargill out (pm.)
     *L. Morris out (pm.)
     *B. Pinkelman out (pm), S. Mackowski sub
     *J. Young out (pm), M. Nutt sub

Saturday (4/8)
     *FBLA State Leadership Conference

     *Just a reminder to let administration know of any students that have incomplete assignments that you need to stay after school to get work completed. You can either email the list or use the Missing Assignments Listing on  Goggle docs. Students are off to a better start to this quarter, compared to the 3rd quarter we will have 26 students on the first academic warning list for this quarter compared to 42 students at the beginning of the semester (about 38% fewer).  Thank you for holding students to the academic accountability plan.

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