Friday, April 6, 2018

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/2
"Stronger Together"

Monday (4/9)
     *JVBG @ Minden Invite, 1:00 pm., dismissal 10:30 am.
     *L. Morris out, D. Clodfelter sub
     *M. Irvine out

Tuesday (4/10)
     *M. Irvine out, T. Hansen sub
     *K. Vincent out, S. Wellman sub

Wednesday (4/11)
     *Tri-M meeting, 7;30 am.
     *SWC Quiz Bowl @ Valentine
     *Freshmen gone for college visit to UNK & CCC-Kearney
     *T. Wilcox-Sansone out, S. Wellman sub
     *M. Hartman out, T. Hansen sub
     *A. Rossell out, D. Clodfelter sub
     *T. Coyle out, A. Dean sub
     *C. Tvrdy out
     *K. Klein out
     *T. Osborn

Thursday (4/12)
     *D. Beans out, S. Wellman sub
     *T. Osborn out
     *K. Klein out

Friday (4/13)
     *TR @ Minden Invite, 2:30 pm., dismissal 10:45 am.
     *D. Beans out, D. Clodfelter sub
     *T. Osborn out, A. Dean sub
     *W. Blackmore out (pm)
     *A. Rossell out (pm)
     *B. Cargill out, J. Terry sub
     *L. Morris out, D. Clodfelter sub
     *B. Pinkelman out, S. Mackowski sub
     *J. Young out, M. Nutt sub

Saturday (4/14)
     * Prom
          - Red Carpet Walk in Auditorium, 8:00 - 9:00 pm.
          - Dance 9:00 - 11:30 pm.

     *Below are the dates and activities for the remainder of our Wednesday in-service time this school year.

April 18th    Vertical PLC meeting
May 2nd       PLC - work on Curriculum at a Glance

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