Thursday, August 23, 2018

High School Weekly Events - Week of 8/20
"Attitude Determines Altitude"

Monday (8/20)
     *Pep Club Poster Party
     *Band Parent Meeting, 6:30 pm.
     *Hayrack Meeting,  7:00 pm.
     *D. Beans out (pm), T. Hansen sub

Tuesday (8/21)
     *HS/MS picture day, auditorium
          -teachers take your staff photo before 1st period
          -students will be called out by class by the intercom when it is time to take their picture.
     *One Act Senior Meeting
     *SB v. Holdrege, 6:30 pm.

Wednesday (8/22)
     *HMLO meeting, 7:30 am.

Thursday (8/23)
     *Fire drill, 8:52 am.
     *GG @ Kearney Catholic
     *SB v. Gothenburg, 6:30 pm.
     *One Act audition workshop, auditorium, 6:30 pm.
     *T. Osborn out, T. Hansen sub

Friday (8/24)
     *Freshmen gone all day to Camp Comeca.
     *FB v. Ord, 7;00 pm.
     *M. Hartman out, Ne. Niles sub
     *M. Irvine out, C. Miller sub
     *T. Osborn out, B. Klimek sub
     *K. Klein/ A. Rossell out, S. Wellman sub
     *C. Tvrdy out, M. Nutt sub
     *R. Kraeger out, A. Dean sub

Saturday (8/25)
     *SB @ Holdrege, 9:00 am.


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