Thursday, April 21, 2016

High School Weekly Events - Week of 4/25

"The Best way to predict your future is to create it."
- Abraham Lincoln

Detention: Will Reutzel, rm. 104

Monday (4/25)
     *JVTR @ McCook, 1:00 pm., dismissal 10:15 pm.

Tuesday (4/26)
     *NeSA Reading will be administered to the juniors during periods 6-8
    *BG@ Holdrege Invite, 9:00 am.

Wednesday (4/27)
     *Staff meeting 7:45 am in Library  
     *Senior Seminar
     *NeSA Reading for the juniors

Thursday (4/28)
     *BG @ Lexington, Dawson Co. Invite, 2:30 pm., dismissal 12:30 pm.
     *NHS Spring Induction, 7:00 pm.

Friday (4/29)
     *BG @ Broken Bow Invite, 9:30 am.
     *JVBG @ Overton Invite, 9:00 am.

Saturday (4/30)
    *TR @ SWC, Ainsworth, 11:00 am.
    *Speech & Drama BBQ

    *NeSA Reading will be administered to the juniors on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday test will be given to all juniors during periods 6-8 in rooms 125 and the Library.  On Wednesday the test will be given to them during their English 11 class period.
   *Staff meeting on Wednesday to go over format for administering the NWEA/MAP testing to all students on May 4 & 5.

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