Friday, November 4, 2016

High School Weekly Events - Week of 11/7

Detention: Mr. Bubak, rm. 105

Monday (11/7)
Tuesday (11/8)
     *You may leave after 3:30 pm if you need to go vote

Wednesday (11/9)
     *Tri M meeting, 7:30 am
     *STOPiT class
           Students: Dalton McCarter, Jaimee Moore, Eleazar Rodriguez, Michael Ryan

Thursday (11/10)
     *Cozad One Act Festival, 8:00 am.

Friday (11/11)
     *Veteran's Day Program, gymnasium, 10:00 am.

Saturday (11/12)
     *One Act Dinner Theater, 6:30 pm.

     *Don't forget that daylight savings time ends this weekend (11/6), time for the clocks to "fall back"
     *Powder Puff FB, Sunday at 2:00 pm.
     *For Veteran's Day program, we will dismiss by intercom from 3rd period classes, HS will sit on the west half of the north bleachers.
     *When you have completed the mandatory suicide prevention training, must be done by Dec. 22nd, print your certificate and give it to Jessica in the office.

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