Tuesday, November 22, 2016

High School Weekly  Events - Week of  11/28

Detention; Mr. Messner (11/28)

Monday (11/28)
Tuesday (11/29)
Wednesday (11/30)

Thursday (12/1)
     *BB @ Chase Co, 4:00/5:30/7:00 pm (MST), dismissal 1:15 pm.
     *One Act @ District B-6, Holdrege

Friday (12/2)
     *WR v. Mitchell, 6:30 pm.

Saturday (12/3)
     *WR @ Cozad Invite, 9:00 am.

     *Please have grade books updated by Monday (11/21), that will be mid-quarter and we will be sending out progress reports.
     *Email me your SMART goals when finalized.
     *Complete Suicide Training by 12/22, print certificate and give to Jessica in the office.

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