Friday, September 22, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 9/25
"Stronger Together"

Monday (9/25)
     *No students, Teacher In-Service
     *GG @ Cozad Invite, 9:00 am.
     *CC @ UNK Invite, 1:00 pm.
     *9VB @ Eustis-Farnam, 5:00 pm.
     *JVFB @ Ord, 5:30 pm.

Tuesday (9/26)
     *SB @ Centennial (Southern), 4:00 pm., dismissal 12:15 pm.
     *VB v. McCook (Cambridge), 5:00 pm.
     *Mrs. Rossell out (am.)
     *Mrs. Klein out (am)
     *Mrs. Johnson (pm), sub. L Linke
     *Mr. Morris (pm), sub B Klimek

Wednesday (9/27)
     *Senior Fall Seminar
     *Educational Planning Program, 1:00 pm., gymnasium
     *Mrs. Beans out, sub C Miller
     *Mrs. Rossell out (pm), sub M Nutt
     *Mrs. Sansone-Wilcox out (pm), sub B Klimek
     *Mr. Tvrdy out (pm), sub A Dean
     *Mrs. Hartman out (pm), sub J Terry
     *Mrs. Osborn out (pm)

Thursday (9/28)
     *GG @ SWC, Valentine
     *CC @ Gothenburg Invite, 4:00 pm., dismissal 2:15 pm.
     *VB @ Lexington Quad., 5:00 pm.
     *SB v. Gothenburg, 5:00/6:30 pm.
     *Mrs. Osborn (out), sub A Dean
     *Mrs. Klein (out), sub C Miller

Friday (9/29)
     *FB v. Minden, 7:00 pm.
     *Mr. Vincent (out) sub T Hansen
     *Mr. Skiles (out), sub C Miller
     *Mr. Blackmore (out), sub K Wilcher
     *Mrs. Sansone-Wilcox (out), sub B Klimek
     *Mr. Auwerda (out), sub S Mackowski
     *Mrs. Osborn (out), sub A Dean

Saturday (9/30)
     *SB @ Yutan Invite, 10:00 am.

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