Friday, November 17, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 11/13
"Stronger Together"

Monday (11/13)
     *Board of Education meeting, 12:00 pm.
     *Start of Winter sports practices
     *Hayrack Booster Athletic Banquet, 6:30 pm.
     *W. Blackmore out, J. Terry sub
     *L. Morris out, A. Dean sub

Tuesday (11/14)
     *One Act @ Holdrege Festival
     *N. Auwerda out, T. Hansen sub
     *K. Vincent out, K. Danielson sub

Wednesday (11/15)
     *Student Council meeting, 7:45 am.
     *Freshmen visiting college campus
     *2:00 pm. early dismissal, 6-12 PLC day
     *T. Sansone-Wilcox out, Wellman sub
     *C. Tvrdy out, A. Dean sub
     *A. Rossell out, B. Hansen sub
     *M. Hartman out
     *K. Klein out
     *T. Osborn out

Thursday (11/16)
     *All State Music
     *S. Blackmore out, C. Miller sub

Friday (11/17)
     *All State Music
     *Mid-quarter progress reports
     *M. Irvine out, B. Hansen sub
     *M. Messner out, T. Hansen sub
     *S. Blackmore out, C. Miller sub
     *A. Rossell out, J. Terry sub
     *W. Blackmore out, K. Danielson sub

Saturday (11/18)
     *One Act @ Minden
     *Make sure grade books are updated by Friday so the office can do progress reports.

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