Friday, November 3, 2017

High School Weekly Events - Week of 11/6
"Stronger Together"

Monday (11/6)
     *Skills USA meeting, 6:30 pm.
     *Pep Club Poster Party

Tuesday (11/7)

Wednesday (11/8)
     *Tri-M meeting, 7:30 am.
     *N. Auwerda out (am), T. Osborn out (pm), T. Hansen sub
     *L. Johnson out (am), K. Ross out (pm), B. Klimek sub
     * A. Ogden out, C. Miller sub
     *J. Kloepping out (pm), A. Dean sub
     *L. Morris out (pm), M. Nutt sub
     *A. Rossell out (pm), J. Terry sub

Thursday (11/9)
     *One Act Festival, Cozad
     *N. Auwerda out, T. Hansen sub
     *K Vincent out, K. Danielson sub

Friday (11/10)
     *Veterans Day Program, 10:00 am., gymnasium
     *N. Sims out, B. Hansen sub

Saturday (11/11)
     *One Act Dinner Theater
     *Daylight Savings time ends on 11/5, remember that clocks "fall back".
     *I will be out of the district on 11/7 for a Continuous Ed. workshop at ESU 10.
     *Be aware that we are hosting the One Act Festival in the auditorium.  There will be students from other schools in the north end of the building.
     *Veteran's Day assembly on Friday at 10:00 am., it should last about one hour.  HS students and staff will sit on the west half of the north bleachers.

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